Risk Management Solutions – Business Consulting

When developing or changing a product there are lots of distinct items to be considered and particularly in regards to risk management firms often don't have the perfect tools and solutions available.

 In such moments the best solution is usually to outsource portions of the job to a specialized external business consultancy company. These advisers support the choices applicable to every item and procedure throughout its life-cycle via the use of analytical methods and risk management alternatives.

Risk Management Solutions - Business Consulting

Additionally, it helps to deal with all potential issues, always bearing in mind that the quality of the product and the direct integration with the organizational and technical aspects.

Roadmap Accelerator® relies on the Stage & Gate methodology and is combined with analytic systems and risk management and statistical procedures. With this approach, it is possible to make objective assessments and choose "informed decisions".

PTM Consulting has also developed the methodology Product & Process Optimization, an optimization procedure including using statistical tools based on a modeling and mapping system for business processes. This also includes aspects of Quality by Design and Quality Risk Management.

Why do we begin with a modeling and mapping system?

Since this allows you a modular vision of a rather complicated process like the Technology Transfer, which is normally viewed as a purely logical product but should rather be handled with an integrated approach that begins with the provider's strategies, explains all parameters and potential critical aspects of the product, technology, and business.

Once acquired all of the required information, this knowledge could be "moved" in a very simple way, by way of instance, by a lab in a pilot plant.