Killing Insects with an Ozone Generator

Insects are difficult to kill at times, especially if you have an infestation in your home. Things like fleas and roaches can persist even after you’ve taken measures to remove them. Pest control services are one of the best solutions, but you can control what comes in your home and what doesn’t.

An ozone generator can do a lot of work when it comes to odors, but it can also kill pests. That doesn’t mean you should run it in an occupied room, though. Like bugs, it can affect us as well. It can affect cats and dogs. Ozone can even kill birds, so be aware of what or who is around when you run it.

Ozone can kill bugs over time, but you have to do it a few hours a day. It can make them run away from your home, but it’s likely they’ll come back. It also doesn’t affect the eggs, considering they’re protected by its shell. Over a week of using an ozone generator every day, you’ll find that it has a beneficial effect on your home.

It will kill the bugs that are plaguing your environment and you won’t have to worry about a pest control service. If there is a big problem, though, be sure to give them a call.