What Can Flotrol Do For You?

Flotrol is a bladder support supplement that is intended to help men and women to regain control over their bladder. This product is recommended for adults that are suffering from loss of bladder control. This can be in the form of urinary incontinence or an overactive bladder. The two active ingredients inside of the Flotrol formula, which is pumpkin seed extract and soybean germ extract, treat both of these bladder conditions. 

Those suffering from urinary incontinence will notice that their condition is worsening over time without using this dietary aid. Incontinence is simply defined as the loss of bladder control. This can be very slight leakage in the form of a couple of drops when you sneeze or cough or this condition can be full-blown where your body releases your entire bladder involuntarily. Either of these instances is not something that you want to be personally dealing with. 

An overactive bladder is typically characterized as the excess need to empty the bladder. The problem with this condition, other than having the urge to go to the bathroom often, is the realization that when you get to the bathroom you don't end up going. This is a problem for many people of all ages and is caused by an overactive detrusor muscle. This bladder problem can be easily treated with a daily intake of Flotrol.