Black Mold and Pets

Health is important for you and your family. You never want to let your health deteriorate, no matter who or what it is. Pet health is just as important as our health, especially since they’re part of the family, too. We never want our small companions to suffer from sickness, so if they do fall ill, you’ll want to find the reason rather quickly.

In some cases, mold exposure can cause pet sickness. If it is black mold, there could be serious or even fatal results for your pet. Cats and dogs can become sick more quickly from mold exposure, so never waste time and take them to the vet.

At, there are a few signs that you can see when it comes to pets and mold exposure. Where humans might have respiratory problems and other issues, pets can have problems like bleeding, vomiting, fur loss, and more. If your pets experience any sort of health issues, you should take them to the vet immediately.

If you have mold problems, make sure that your pets aren’t anywhere near the mold so that you can protect them from mold exposure. Have them stay at other places while you hire a mold remediation service. Getting rid of the mold is very important.