Improve Your Vertical Leap With The Help of The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual is a training course which can show you how to improve your vertical leap, so needless to say it's not for everybody. This is an ability that basketball players, as well as athletes in many other sports, are looking towards developing. If you follow the suggestions of this training course, you can make considerable strides in your jumping ability. You will learn efficient ways to maximize every facet of your vertical jump. Vertical leap isn't just about natural talent and even practice, but also about learning how to train. By following the multifaceted approach learned in the Jump Manual, your gains in your vertical jump will be rapid and impressive.

This Vertical Jump Training course provides you with information in many formats -printed material and videos; it costs $67 and promises to return your money within 60 days if you are not satisfied. The instructional videos are extremely useful, since they show the exercises so you can follow along. You also get one-to-one coaching for 30 days and a lifetime access to a message board for top level jumpers. Interviews with peak performance psychologist Dr. Patrick Cohn and Dave Hopla, an NBA shooting coach are offered with the course as additional bonuses. The course makes a bold promise -that your vertical leap will improve by no less than ten inches in a period of 12 weeks.

The testimonials about this training course are well worth reading, because they can be authenticated. Many of the athletes whose names and contact information are shown have made impressive gains of up to 25 inches in their vertical leap. It's a comprehensive program that comes with software that's compatible with numerous operating systems. When you have a tough time learning, there are many videos demonstrating how to do each stretch and exercise in the proper way. So as to get the maximum gains, you will have to eat right, so there is a nutrition plan for your body to build muscles. Also included is support that lets you send inquiries and have them quickly responded to by email.

You don't even need to have weights to get the promised results, as there are exercises provided that don't require such equipment. This program is not only for individuals who are seeking professional basketball careers, but for any person eager to impress their friends with their new dunking ability. The training course also talks about ways to prevent and recover from injuries, an important topic with any type of athletic training. Realistically, accidents are often a risk when you're involved in contact sports. Being healthy is a major concern of athletes, and this course has some priceless suggestions to safeguard you when you train.

The Jump Manual is loaded with helpful content, and it goes beyond teaching you to improve your vertical jump. The portions on curtailing injuries and nutrition are also extremely helpful. The training is valuable for all athletes, although your sport doesn't necessarily expect you to be able to jump high.